Wednesday, October 17, 2012

this is like an update

// bloomington lake // 

Oh my gosh you guys it's been a while. I wasn't planning on taking a break from blogging, it just kind of randomly happened. But it's been fun to keep a couple secrets for myself... (annoying smile here, I'm an idiot)

// hike up Logan Canyon with my brothers //

The last couple months have been so good to me. 
So many parties, dinners, chats with friends, family time...  
It's more apparent to me now than it's ever been that our relationships with people are one of the most important things we can have in our lives. 
Lately, I've been able to spend more of my free time with a lot of different friends. 
After every single dinner/event/hangout/talk I've felt so uplifted, lucky, & inspired to be a better person, thanks to all the amazing people in my life. 
 And you can strangle me in a minute for getting emo on you, but it's true. 
The people you surround yourself with really does matter. Insert inspirational quote here. 

// late night movie //

// Jason & Catherine // 

These sentiments might be partly brought on by the fact that my good friend & roommate Catherine is getting married today, she is one of the best examples of a friend I could ever think of. 
I'm so excited for her & Jason to start their lives together!

// My friend Megan's son Logan. I love him! He kind of loves me. Literally only a little bit. // 

// peach days // 

... And tomorrow I'm off to San Francisco to visit another friend and I could not be more excited. 
Seriously if you see me in person and ask me about it just be prepared. 


  1. Oh my goodness - you should hang out with my brother when you're there!!!! He goes by Clay & is so much fun [and has a great sense of humor. and is just plain awesome.]. I really will give you his number if you want. My number's 801.915.5675 :) Just text me if you want it ;) Either way, HAVE FUN!!! I love that city!!!

  2. So...Twilight comes out right before I go to Utah for Thanksgiving break, sooooo...we should probably go to a girls night movie again.

  3. Hi there, just a note to say how pleased I am with you. You brighten my day! Love, Dad

  4. Hi there, just a note to say how pleased I am with you. You brighten my day! Love, Dad

  5. Love the new blogger header. And this little update. Your bright blonde hair is absolutely stunning! Hope you had fun in SF, and congrats to your friends wedding nuptials!! :)
    xo TJ


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