Wednesday, November 7, 2012


// The buds at a party. Pumpkin head STOLE THE SHOW. // 

// 2nd annual witch party.. we remembered to get a photo at the very end.// 
//Witch parties restored my joy in Halloween.//

A few pics from Halloween festivities. 
I managed to hit up a whopping four parties this year, I can say I celebrated this holiday to the max. 
FYI I dressed up as a hipster witch & Lana Del Rey. 
I basically was explaining both costumes, so next year I'm going to be an animal. 

NOW: I saw this list on Moorea Seal & wanted to play along..
Get caught up on my life y'all!

Current books:  Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. Yes, I'm behind about a decade or so. I can't believe it either because HP is changing has changed my life. 

Current guilty pleasure:  Watching Netflix at obscene hours of the night. So sleepy the next day, but it's worth it somehow.(?)  

Current color: oxblood red

Current drink: Diet Coke forever & ever AMEN

Current food:  Burritos a la Chipotle style. SO GOOD

Current favorite show:  Gossip Girl. Directly relates to my guilty pleasure.

Current wish list:  these shoes these pants this coat

Current needs:  Naps, thanks to my guilty pleasure.

Current triumphs:  Keeping my kitchen clean. I shoot for the stars, what can I say?

Current bane of my existence:  Getting my lazy butt to the gym. 

Current celebrity crush:  Skylar Astin  He's in Pitch Perfect, which I've seen no less than 3 times in the theater.  What you need to know is: he's funny, he's hot, his voice is a dream. 

Current indulgence:  Taking really long, hot showers. It might dry out my skin but it feels AMAZING.

Current blessing:  Right now I'm thankful for holidays. THEY LIGHT UP MY LIFE.

Current slang:  What up?

Current outfit:  sweater, skirt, wedges... typical at work. 

Current excitement:  Researching private sewing lessons here in SLC! 

Current mood: It's a dancing mood.

Current link: Suri's Burn Book.  If you like celebrities & like to laugh, this site won't let you down. 

oookay, bye!

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