Saturday, October 15, 2011

In the doghouse

The boyf has been working in WY forever. By forever I mean he was gone for 2 1/2 weeks... home for 2 days, and now he's gone again for 2 weeks. The pup Roxy & I have to stick together! I go over there twice a day to walk/feed/love on the Roxster. Although Tyler has 4 roomies that are always around, if I don't make it over there one day, his heart breaks for the gal and he gets all sad. Its funny & I will admit cute.

The pictures below are from the weekend I spent at my parents' house for Conference. She is usually such a good dog and seriously never barks. But these two days about killed me.
A few reasons:

1. She is not allowed in the Jardine household.
2. She is an inside dog. Such an inside dog in fact, that she cannot even stand to be outside by herself. I would have to sit by the window so she could see me, otherwise she would bark & cry nonstop. It broke my heart and infuriated me.
3. She thinks she is a human  royalty.
4. My little sister's bunny was torturing Roxy by being in his cage(bottom left picture), safely out of Roxy's grasp. It drove her NUTS.

I think we were both really happy to get Roxy home so she could lounge on her bed all day long.

I just had to throw this picture into the mix. My mom & sister color-coordinated their stash of markers, crayons & pencils, perfectly arranging them on the table.

Not one hour later, does my mom try to wipe the table off with this result:

...oh Jardine clumsiness, what would we do without you? :)

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  1. Hey did you know you can get two meat patties at McDonald's for only a dollar? Really, just a dollar for two meat patties. I think Rocky would like that.



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