Wednesday, September 14, 2011

work it girl

Hey y'all! I've been busying around and I will update for real soon, but I wanted to share the goodness with you.

One of my new favorite things is working out in the late PM. It's the best. Nobody's around so I can prance around the ladies workout room and take up as much room as possible.

I found out I used to practice a different method to get my heartbeat up:

11.26.97 (6th grade)
Dear Diary,
Today was our last school day of the week, because Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and then we get 1 “vacation” day off... I played with Charisse until 9:10 pm. We played at her house. Charisse & I exerguysed. It’s where you watch an aerobics tape and talk about boys, or else you turn on romantic music, exercise and talk about boys. We also watched a movie called Beautician & the Beast. It’s a pretty good movie. I also made angels with hersheys kisses, pipe cleaner and ribbon. They turned out really cute!

Andrea Jardine


  1. My abdominal exercise equipment . I just have my pair of running shoes, a whole shore town, the beach, and a local park. What kind of fitness stuff should I do.

  2. Ha ha ha how have I missed this?! Romantic music. Ha ha oh geez.


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