Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to school week

Please enjoy a few of my diary entries from my younger years gearing up for school.


Dear Diary,

I decided to change back to Diary instead of Kitty(I named my diary for that for 3 days).

I didn't see much of Kyle today. :( I went to ZCMI and Kmart.

I got at Kmart: shorts TB(training bra) shoes, slip.

ZCMI: swimming suit.

I <3 2 shop,

Andrea J.


Dear Diary,

This morning I went school shopping in Ogden. First we went to Midas Car Shop. Mom said it would only take half-hour. It took 2 hours and we only had 5 hours 2 shop. So we only had time for Fashion Bug and Fashion Gal.

What I got at FG. 3 shirts, scrunchies and a pair of earrings.
FB. pair of pants.
I'm all done with school shopping EXCEPT: gymsuit, bra, school shoes, gym shoes. I would add OVERALLS but my mom made a point: If you have everything, there won't be anything to want!

My <3 for Kyle is Everlasting,

Andrea Jardine

08.02.00 (please keep in mind I was a weirdo 14 year old)

Hey wusup? less than a month till school. Me & Stephanie went to Park City for school shopping. It was a blast! I got a pair of Docs(!), a pair of pants, and 3 shirts! It was awesome.
Today was a pretty good day I went to X-Men the movie with Matt & Tyler & Shalee. I never knew how cute they were! Especially _____! (basically everyone is from Brigham so just don't worry about it). Holy cats! I'm gonna flirt with him!

I lost my curling iron so my hair has been put in a ponytail for like a week:)


1. I love that I wrote TB. & the explanation in parantheses. I was so excited. Too bad I'm still wearing them...

2. ONLY 5 hours to shop? And we only went to two places? sorry mom!

oh and can you tell i had an obsession with a boy named Kyle?

I will have to share more later, I found some good stuff!


  1. looking through old journals is the best! it kills me to see the things we once upon a time thought were worth writing about.

  2. Ha ha ha this is hilarious! My 2 favorite things about this...

    1. Docs
    2. Fashion Gal

  3. Andrea this is amazing. You are too funny!

  4. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS! This is the blog post I've been dreaming of! What could be better than shopping at Fashion Gal for the latest trends? Also. Holy cats I'm going to flirt with them? Holy CATS? And. Thank you with starting the entry with "wassup". This is a gold mine.

  5. Oh my i love this. Docs were so exciting! I love that you signed out with a different name each time too :)


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