Sunday, September 18, 2011

peach days!

this post is a week late, but  magnificent nonetheless.

Oh my gosh I love Peach Days!! For some reason (the fact that PD is awesome) this year, I was counting down the days until I could be with the beloved celebration.

And celebrate I did. I spent the whole weekend @ my parents, so I could just fun around without any worries. 

If you are ready for some honest-to-goodness, hootin-tootin good times then you best make yourself a reservation for next year!!

Being a stalwart personage of Brigham City I participated in the following activities:

Fruit stand shopping (with some "tourists" from davis county)
Carnival food
Peach cobbler
Car Show
Peach Queen Pageant (which, yes, thanks for noticing I was in the 2004 pageant. As requested, a photo has been posted below.)
Walking around.

 I will be sure to make it a annual tradition to stay at Peach Days all 
weekend every year. That is a promise to you Brigham!

please understand my humor and know that nobody requested a photo of this. 


  1. I forgot you ran! I love Peach days as well! I didn't go this year, and am still dreaming about the peach cobbler!

  2. Davis County people are good people too.


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