Tuesday, September 20, 2011

weekend edition.







1-2. my first homemade loaf of white bread. i don't know if you guys realized, but I am obsessed with making bread. It is so fun to me for some reason. and I ate one loaf by myself. 

3. My sweet country dancing shirt from the D.I. A true tray-sure. 

4. My first pair of sunnies that cost more than $5.00. I really love them. You don't even wanna know the extent of the photo shoot I had with these.

5. Bike ride to the local creamery (aka Coldstone). This is not my bike, but I aspire to have an Electra one day.

6. Being an idiot.

As displayed by these photos, you are very jealous of my fast paced lifestyle.  Other fascinating happenings included cleaning my room, washing my sheets, PUTTING AWAY all the laundry (uuuge!), sweeping and spray painting. 

Beat that!


  1. I know we don't know each other well, but I have to say, you are hilarious. I always laugh at the things you say and the way you word them. Very entertaining. Although I'm done blogging for all the world to see, I still enjoy the comings and goings of everyone else. Good stuff I say!

  2. So you're domestic and pretty? Is this for real?!?


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