Wednesday, September 21, 2011

after school camp.

Pretty much I have never felt like I'm really good at one thing. (Besides being weird I guess. Honestly, I am told that I am weird every day of my life. I can't figure it out, because to me I'm totally normal...)

I am just okay at a bunch of little things. I always wanted to be a dancer, but lo, I am completely and utterly uncoordinated. If you were at BEHS cheer tryouts 2002 you know this to be a fact.

Anyway, to figure out my niche I've been doing something different every day. It's like after school camp! Or boy scouts!

Here is a sampling of this week's efforts :

Li'l birdie on a tea towel 

polka-dottie bag
 (complete with inside pocket, how do you like me now?)

the "do not judge me" painting

If you don't think you have many talents (it couldn't possibly just be me?), you should do something like this. None of my projects are that fantastic, but they're things I created and I know I can get better.

 I think it's important to feel like we can accomplish things. It is, gosh danget!


  1. I was there BEHS cheer tryouts 2002 and you were darling! You are so talented and so stinking BeautiFuL! :)

  2. I wasn't at cheer tryouts but I have seen you Zumba! :) And you ARE darling! Love you! Also, what a great post. Simply inspiring.

  3. I read your blog when I'm feeling really sad or onry....cuz it NO MATTER WHAT...MAKES ME LAUGH:) You are hilarious. and darling. And I wish you lived by me so you could come to my house and make me laugh daily.


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