Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pie Night

K now this was a fun night! Amy, Catherine & I all made pies last Tuesday. I had never made a pie before so I was pretty excited about it.

Amy went with the rhubarb pie.

making oatmeal crumble topping for my cherry pie!
(there was something burning my eyeball right then)

starry crust for the rhubarb 

Cath went with the classic apple. So good!

I may have gone a little overboard taking pictures of my pie making process...

trying my hand at making the crust


it is harder than it looks to make that lattice! at least for me.

Can you tell I'm ecstatic? super cheese over here.

Catherine and the beloved apple.

It was so fun. The entire house smelled so good.  I thought it the perfect way to welcome fall. 
And only 3 of my teeth fell out from the sugar intake.

I smell a tradition!!

(my finished product. that I ate for breakfast, dinner and breakfast.)

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  1. oooo looks delish! I love making pies.. so much fun!


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