Friday, September 30, 2011

How to make your teacher fail you.

The components:

Math teacher... didn't like me. seriously. he was even rude to me in front of my dad!
Math... didn't like me.
Me... didn't like math teacher. or math. or paying attention. mostly liked goofing off with Evan.
Evan... good friend that was my partner in the goofing off business. and was always drawing fat cats.
Cat socks... pair of socks i owned with cats on them. one cat had a speaker inside of it. making cat meow noises.

The story:

I wore these socks to the dreaded math class, and crossed my ankles. If I pushed them together just right, I could make my sock meow!  I did it a couple times during Math Teacher's lecture. A quizzical look came upon his face, he would concentrate intently, listening... and then would go back to lecturing away. Well after about 5 rounds of this and my silly stupid grin he figured out it was me. He pulled Evan (I'm actually not sure his part in this, but he was there!) & me out of class and gave us a huffy lecture out in the hall. I have no idea what he said because I thought I was so awesome for getting him riled up. 

The moral:

Looking back, I could pretend like I learned tons of life lessons from this experience, but mostly I still think it's really funny. (um, because I'm really not that mean!)

Oh my. I blame it on hair dye, acrylic nails and tanning.

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  1. I thought you were talking about math last semester which made the story even funnier! Loved it!


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