Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Elder Jardine (Round 3)

Hey party people!! miss me? if you didn't, don't tell me!!

I've been busy biz this week. I'm not in school this semester and I feel like a bum. So I told my old manager at the Buckle that I would work part time. So three nights a week you can find me selling the crap out of clothes at the Gateway. Come say hi to me!

ANYWAY.  My brother got his mission call last Wednesday. What? My 3rd youngest brother got his mission call. He is going on a mission. I can scarce take it in because he is so old. But I'm still really young and hip so it doesn't make sense.

Taylor in anticipation

I've loved watching all my brothers open their calls, I can't really describe the feeling of anticipation and excitement that is in the air. But it's awesome. 

You might get a good idea just looking at my mom's expressions below...

 A couple weeks ago I asked him where he wanted to go and he said, "I want to go to Germany." And since we all know that Taylor gets EVERYTHING he wants, he's going to 


Taylor & Dad

Kenny joining in on Skype

 Everyone staring at Kenny on Skype. I thought they were all looking at the camera when I took this!

Checking out the mission

Taylor trying to "fill the canteen"

Sierra & Taylor

Brian loves peach cobbler!

The after party-watching this video that Brian was in (2.8 million views too by the way!).

my mom is so happy he's moving out going on a mission!!


Brian (insert "he's single" plug here) & Taylor 

Kurt (next on the family list to get his mission call!) & T

Taylor & Aly

I love you Taylor!


  1. Cute brother! Cute family! Saying goodbye to brothers is so hard!

  2. O how fun!! My little brother leaves so soon too, it's really cool experience for the whole family! AND your back at Buckle huh?? haha.. you can't leave either. I'll have to call you one night and say HI! Bet you will enjoy that discount again.. we've gotten SOME way cute stuff lately!

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  4. get outttt. he was in that human sling shot video? my guy friends rant & rave about that thing. they so badly wish to be a part of it. and congrats to your brother!

  5. Yay, how exciting for Taylor! Now he and Skyler can talk German to each other :)


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