Tuesday, October 11, 2011

just that brotherly love.

so much to say, not enough time but what am I saying I've been drinking my bengal spice tea and having a twitter war with my brothers (i'm new on the twitters! @andreakjardine). basically they would kill me off an island first if we were stranded. it was unanimous. no discussion. I can't believe it.

(but since we are not on an island, they will keep me alive for now.)

also, just so you know, i had a horrible case of self induced pre-teen acne on my face last week that you would NOT BELIEVE. It's because I waxed my face. yeah, the whole thing! you know why? At the football game (where the picture was taken), Taylor & Kenny were touching my face making fun of me saying I had tons of facial hair. I played it cool, but instantly called my waxing bff and she waxed it right off. 
so i have sensitive skin apparently. 
every pore of my face reacted in red bumps and broke out. over a FIVE day span. and then got better. 

please remind me not to listen to my brothers anymore! 
They think I'm hairy and want me dead.

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