Wednesday, August 31, 2011

lake powell 2011.

our view from home base.

tyler in his life's work

savannah "driving"

the ONLY photo of t-pain & me. last day. super sweaty. awes.

emily & i tubing before i caught major air, landed on top of her, got sucked under her tube and was dragged around for a bit.. all in the same occurrence.

gabe & tyler

that's my boiiii. with a CIA agent following.

woohheee you are looking good! hairstyle courtesy of the wind.

i want to go back.

the malibu skier ( it needs a proper name)

I cannot believe i never made it down here before my 23rd year of life. this was my second venture and first time on a houseboat. it did not disappoint. hot hot sun, warm water, tons of food (seriously, i could not button up a pair of my pants on monday. seriously. btw i'm going to the gym right now), fireworks and games.

my two favorite things had to be:
1. the group bath(in our swim suits of course) in the lake every night- it's a real party!
2. never wearing anything else BUT a swimsuit. i think i changed out of one for like 2 hours. and then put another one back on. it was too hot.

I am screaming that inside of my head right now at the top of my lungs.

aside from 3 new trailer tires (before we left), a new water pump and a minor scratch on the boat(i'm not at liberty to go into detail if you can even believe the nerve), the trip was top notch and a fantastic memory.

thanks to lexi & gabe for inviting us!!

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