Friday, July 1, 2011

there was his birthday.

tyler turned 30! but... don't make jokes. he's sensitive.

on his actual birthday, i took him to the copper onion & midnight in paris at the broadway theatre downtown.

i also painted these canvases for his walls.

then over the weekend, we had a little b-day BBQ @ tyler's. it was so fun. 
i love having people come to hang out with me(oh and tyler) and eat my food. i really do.

will tyler take a normal picture with me tonight?

danny & hannah

emily, racie & jackson.

ratha, boston & matt

boston is so cute!

cath & jason. check out that dog fight! 

sarah & denis. 
sarah is pregnant with a little boy due this september!

barry & naomi


some mingling.

you might think the one below is a good one.
look closely at tyler's face.

peanut butter trifle.
i heard it was good, but RICH.
i didn't have any because i hate pb.

there was some paparazzi there.

hannah & me

we were trying to say "prune" instead of "cheese". 
you know, like the olsen twins!
but i can't be serious.

who doesn't love a hammock?

the birthday boy. 
deep in thought for a man in his thirties.


  1. This looks like the perfect birthday weekend. I've been trying to convince Joe to go see Midnight in Paris with me to no avail as yet! What did you think of it? xo

  2. You are just too cute and I found you through Laci and am stopping by to let you know that I featured your braid on my Pinterest loves of the Week #7 on my blog today. Make sure to come and check it out, follow me back (I am your newest follower, leave a comment and grab my button!

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