Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just the things.

are you guys sitting around wondering about all of the intimate details of my life?

does andrea have diet coke on tap 24/7?
did andrea contract a mysterious rash from Lagoona beach?
is andrea way brave by buying a groupon for a brazilian wax?

i know. calm down!
i will tell you the things.

I got a new job! I am really excited about it. I'm also nervous and a bit anxious. There's always an adjustment period when you start a new job where you feel like the idiot. 
"how do i answer this phone?"

I've loved a lot of things  that i will miss about my current job, especially my coworkers. 
This new gig will be less stressful, so much better for my school schedule and my sanity. I'm going to be like joan on madmen. Secretary extraordinaire.

I'm moving into a house with two of my friends, cath & amy. Eeep! I am really excited about this.

1. Living with hilarious and crafty girfs. Yes being crafty is a plus. Ha!
2. No more apartment living(a million exclamation points)
3. new carpet. i had to put it on there.
4. living really close to the 7-11. 
I have a weird affinity for that place. slim jims. nachos. diet coke. 
tip: don't squeeze the slim jims, or the fat tubes will come out.

I said that I wouldn't leave my apartment til I was swept away by a man. 
But lets get real. I couldn't resist this.

Maybe I am weird, but I like change. Gets me all out of my comfort zone. real loosy goosy. 
it is good to learn how to adapt because YOU WILL HAVE TO.

now you know all the things. 

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  1. Yay for change! Sometimes we need it. Who is this Amy you speak of? Amy Fromm perhaps? And congrats on your new job! Do tell what you'll be a secretary for! And your slim jim comment made me laugh, and feel a little sick all at the same time. I LOVE slim jims! Have you tried turkey bites from Walmart? You get them by the cash registers. A Delightful treat!


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