Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence day

Currently we have no internet at our apartment, so I'm blogging from the phone(thank goodness for for technology, yeah?).

I'll share the nitty gritty with you from iPhone pics. And they are out of order. Get over yourself already!


My aunt Betsey took me along with her family to the stadium of fire. It was my first time, and it was so so fun! Thanks for taking me out Bets! :)

I L O V E fireworks. Like clapping the whole time.

Tyler saw this pic and said, "girls are always taking so many pictures of how cool they are."
Well, we ARE cool Tyler. Learn to deal.

Perry Celebration- parade and breakfast. We met up with my aunt Chris, her family, & my grandparents to share the joy in the event.

Breakfast: just ok

Parade: um, hello! You can't go wrong with parades.

Grandma & mikayla

Brian & Kurt the flirt.

BBQ at my aunt Kathryn's. I crashed their party, ate tons of food and slept on her couch.

Pretty much my aunts took really good care of me over the weekend.

Playing in the creek

Mikayla and me @ dinner before SOF.

Aunt Betsey & Morgan

Thank you family, for making my holiday the greatest!!!

PS. My parents and 3 sibs were in NYC for the 4th. Biggest fireworks in American history. Little bit jealous.

PPS. Tyler is absent from all photos because he was at a family reunion in CA. Don't be worried and don't set me up on any dates.

PPS. all my photos from the brigham city fireworks are on my computer, so I will be blasting you with those soon.

PPPS. Kthanxbye

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