Monday, July 18, 2011

the singles ward. activity.

Since I've been in a singles ward (for the second go-round), I've declared myself as a "back-row" mormon. I go to church, I'm nice to the people that are sitting in my vicinity.... but I rarely go to any activities. like, I think I've been to one in two years. I still get people that ask if I'm one of the new ones! I am very comfortable in my little bubble of "bolt as soon as the last 'Amen' is said".  

So, just try to imagine my excitement, when I was called to the ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE.

(warning: diva moment)

go out of my way?
get out of my comfort zone?
attend an activity?

Well, this last weekend was our huge, multi-ward river rafting trip. Camping for 3 days in Wyoming with 168 people I hardly knew.

I registered about... 2 weeks ago. 
I was called as a group leader as well, so that really sealed the deal.



It was a total blast. I fully enjoyed myself. really. I met a ton of new people. I laughed harder than I have in weeks. I made really good friends who were strangers just 24 hours before. 

I am an idiot.
I am humbled.
I get it, I'm not in charge!

sometimes you don't know why you are where you are,
 until you do what you have been asked to do.


  1. uh oh! Tyler better put a ring on it before you meet some fellow who snakes in :)..... Sorry, i couldn't resist.

  2. Your blog is awesome. This post was really cool. I'm a fan.


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