Monday, July 11, 2011

::: p i c n i c ::: p. I :::

a few of the ladies decided to have a BBQ.

dreams of hanging candles from trees, picnic blankets & colorful pillows filled this girl's mind.

mother nature, on the other hand, had other plans in store. 

after a mini-internal pity party, she decided what to do.

the boyfriend had a perfect room with tons of windows and practically zero furniture.

the indoor picnic was born!

homemade candles in lemons. so easy and super festive!

jars filled with shells and tealights 

   hard to see, but there's a picnic basket holding all the plates/utensils

 i have to admit, i love how it turned out.

it was fun to add a few details that transformed it into a real party.

thanks to the ladies that helped me set up at the last possible moment and @ the height of my stress. lifesavers!

i see many parties in my future.

someone declared this to be the "girliest BBQ" they've ever attended. 

mission accomplished!

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