Tuesday, July 19, 2011

avocado corn salsa

Make this and be the hero of your next party. Every time I do, I always come home empty bowled( not to be confused with empty boweled. errr...).

I have had many a request for the recipe, so I will just take care of all y'alls right here and right now.

ok, so this is not my picture, but it looks delicious, no?

Avocado Salsa 
adapted from my Aunt Kathryn's recipe

Chop the following ingredients and throw into a large bowl:

4 avocados
4 roma tomatoes
2 cans black beans
1 can corn
1 bunch green onions
3 jalapeƱos (not seeded!)
1 bunch cilantro

Stir, then add:

Juice of 2 limes
Garlic/garlic salt
Salt & pepper
3/4 bottle of Italian dressing (I make the Good Seasons brand. The best!)

Stir all together and season to your taste.

Pass out of happiness.

you'll have to let me know if you make it!

PS. this is the best recipe because you can add anything that is mexican-y and it will probably be really good.

PPS. I know that 3 jalapenos seems like a lot, but for the size of the dip, it adds a perfect kick. TRUUUST me.


  1. Thanks! I've been craving it for so long... love this deliciousness!!

  2. Oh I LOVE this, and I make it all the time. It reminds me of one of our many trips to Cali :)

  3. I found your recipe and made this today OMG!!! WOW this is GOOD!!

  4. This is the best corn salsa recipe ever! Very filling. Tastes really fresh and wholesome. The husband loves it and requests it all the time! Keeps fresh in the fridge for almost a week.


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