Monday, June 13, 2011

the time my photographer had the night off.

so i finally let frieda(my profesh photog of course) have the weekend off. it is so hard to follow me around all the time getting perfect photos of how glam/vintage/perfectly mismatched/disheveled i look. so i said "frieda, don't worry! i'll take it from here."
first couple are pretty norm.

i took these because i was really excited about my vintage/thrifted ralph lauren blazer that i altered myself.



annnnd, we're good right?

so wrong.

... turns out self timer is pretty much the best thing ever invented.

watch out, a little ham and eggs (couture style) comin' atcha!

then it went mobile. to the kitchen!

things had to stop when the scissors came out.

ha. i was totally drunk on the self-timer.
phew. thank goodness for frieda!


  1. Love the blazer, love the shoes. Love YOU. I got the pants at forever 21 for 10.50. They were just hanging there alone perfect and in a size 25. How can a girl be happier? I bought them immediately.

  2. Andrea, you are so hilarious. I just had a flashback to the buckle when you read us a couple of entries from your diary when you were like 9 or something. thank you, thank you. Also if you should happen to post a couple of those diary entries i wouldn't mind. we should take pictures i have far too many good finds that go undocumented as i'm sure, you probably do as well.


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