Thursday, June 9, 2011

bonjour and a proposition


pretty much i put all of my energy into surviving finals back in may, and when everything was over, i really didn't want to do anything for a while. but tonight i was thinking how much i have missed my little blurb on the interweb. but don't worry i have been keeping up with all of you, i love reading blogs.

basically, i am alive and glad to be here, and a few catch-up posts are definitely in order!

so i want to propose an idea to you(there is someone reading this right?) :

tell me if this is you.

"i love to craft."

"i have a lot of projects at once."

"hot dang, when will i get these done?"

i know i can't be alone in this. i've been stewing about this forever, and i have finally decided to go public. a regular craft night is in order! the idea would be just to bring your own projects and treats (what is a craft with out food? crap.), and we can hang out and get shiz done!

i am very loosy goosy with this and don't want it to be structured. just a fun time.

it would probably be 1-2 times a month, i haven't figured out a set night 100%.

**update: i told my friends cat & amy about this last week, and after much deliberation, we're going to do it on wednesdays, probably twice a month. the first one will be this coming wednesday(june 15th). also, i forgot to tell you that it is in slc. in case you didn't know where i lived. **

so, this is where i get brave: is there anyone out there that would want to do this with me? Even if we are not best friends, or i don't even know you (yet), this is the perfect opportunity for us to bond over hot glue and spray paint. seriously i think it would be so much fun!

if you want to come (and i really hope you do) email me at


happy (sunny) weekend birds!

ps is there anybody reading this that i don't know about who has a blog? there is nothing better than finding new reading material (and online freinds)! let me know...


  1. Check out ours...
    It's Hilary (Nelson) Christensen, we went to high school together at good ole' BOX ELDER!

  2. Miss Andrea, I would love to make one for you! Let me know what colors you wand and what look you want to go for and I'll give it my best shot!

  3. Andrea, I stalk your blog! Heres mine, it's only right you get to do the same :).
    Craft nights sound way fun. If only I was more crafty...have fun with it!!

  4. OH MY gosh. If i lived near you i would invite myself to every single wednesday you did those craft days.


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