Tuesday, June 14, 2011

APRIL: a journey in photos.

i don't know if you guys are aware, but west valley(where i am a thriving businesswoman) is basically the WORST place to find healthy food-sandwiches, salads, what have you.
well, the heavens finally opened, and there is now a jimmy john's a stone's throw away. 
ps. i just saw that a zupa's is in this same complex now. hip hip hooray!!!

tyler discovered that RMR holds races every two weeks for all the ATV/dirtbike enthusiasts for the chance to reach their dreams. guess what i'm doing every two weeks? they are actually really fun. you guys should come hang out with me!

our friends joey & cambi visited UT from AZ for their annual snowboarding trip/bowling tournament.

i wear my sunglasses at night...
i asked some of my favorite little gals to do my hair. it feels so good!
(the two little ones are my friend lexi's daughters. seriously they have me wrapped around their little fingers!)

little lady savannah and me

we met up with meg & adam for dinner and the piano bar. i've been wanting to go to one forever! can't wait to go again.

tyler is already sick of so many pictures. what will i do?
don't mind i am in need of some major color. goodbye 8 month winter!

for lexi's birthday a bunch of us went to the supercross (real live professional racing this time), and then to liquid joe's for an 80's tribute band. such a fun night!

it was totally snowing before the race! brrrr.

the spazmatics. a bunch of us ladies were dancing right in front of the stage.
too bad i still had thermals, a wool sweater, snowboarding socks, my wellies, and a beanie on(this part of our night was not exactly planned).
oh well. i sweat it out, and i loved it!
woo hoo he is looking right at me! totally made my night.
ps. this band member is will ferrel's twin, am i right?!

gettin' jiggy wit it.
no tyler is not on drugs.
good times april.
your %@*!$# weather will not be missed.

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