Wednesday, June 15, 2011


i'm sorry you guys, but i seriously cannot say or spell graduation correctly. it is too hard not to do everything i can to destroy it.

anyway. my 3rd brother done graduated! i honestly can't believe he is the 4th jardine to terrorize BEHS.

a bit about taylor:

he is the life of the party wherever he goes. guys wanna be him, girls just adore him. taylor has his own clothing brand/business with his best friend bryan, called PRETTY NEW. he is also employed at a screen printing business in tremonton. such a hard worker, and i just know he's going to make his stamp on this world!

with mom & dad

grandpa & grandma jardine

grandma and grandpa hicken

grandpa & grandma esancy 
all three sets of grandparents were there!

taylor has always done pretty much whatever he wants. lets just say he was quite the "spirited" youngster, and has had his own opinion of everything since day one.

he was also born with a swagger.

i am not kidding, it is the best thing to see a 7 year old sagging his shorts, wearing an upside-down visor, tall-t and totally working his tough guy image across the back yard.

of course, he was strutting the lawn to get to his pet bunny to cuddle with on the couch, but that sums up taylor in a nut shell!

yusuke (our japanese brother) 

nathan's next! 2013

i really love all my brothers. all four are so different and bring their own life and energy into our family.

good luck in the future taylor! you will move mountains.

a few after party photos:

in the party bus!

BBQ @ grandma & grandpa hicken residence. quite possible my favorite plot of land in the whole USA.
grandpa making green pineapple ice cream.
my very very favorite!

graduation cake pops made by my mama

kathryn, what on earth are you so excited about? ;)

always a ball game

kurt gives a hug! this is monumental.

taylor giving my grandpa a squeeze.

aunt kathryn & uncle john
these two were the "cool ones"(AKA not my parents) giving me advice during my teen years.

AND NOW, for your viewing pleasure, probably the best dancing i've ever captured on tape.
you have to watch it!

who's more excited taylor is graduating? ;)

just a side note on my own graduation(to make this the longest post ever):

i was completely the opposite of taylor being so excited to graduate. i about crapped my pants i was so scared! i was leaving the best thing i ever knew, and a giant security blanket. lots of friends, parties, jokes, sleepovers... i always knew exactly what i was doing for four years. now what?!

obviously we never know what lessons and experience lie before us. we have to leave our comfort zones behind and grow. i think this quote sums it up perfectly.

happy wednesday!!

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  1. Oh my heck! Little Taylor? Graduated?!?!? I remember once when I was babysitting Taylor when he was like 4 and I tried to punish him for swearing with a spoonful of lemon juice, he just grabbed the bottle and drank right from it telling me it was sooooo good. Ha Ha Ha!


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