Thursday, June 16, 2011

what does $6 get you?

on the luckiest of days, i went to plato's closet to sell some of my clothes. one of my roommates told me that i don't have that many clothes. i beg to differ, because i get rid of clothes every season to make room for all the new stuff, and my closet is perfectly full.

anyway, i have learned a most valuable lesson. plato's LOVES the buckle. i don't work there anymore(and haven't for 2 years), so i am no longer in need of bedazzled or leather'd pockets on my denim. even though these jeans are over two years old, plato's just eats them right up!

so i picked a couple more pairs from my closet, along with some shoes and a couple shirts, sold them off and got $60!! of course, i didn't make it too far. there is some mysterious woman that is my same size, and must have a billion dollars to blow. because lo and behold, everywhere i turn there is current season j. crew, anthropologie, and urban outfitters treasures surrounding me on all sides.

i did what any sensible woman would do. i bought it all.

a peek at some of the loot:

these shoes are my favorite.

after all was said and done, i spent a total of $6.47. take that, extreme couponing!

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