Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend nightcap

scenes from my weekend:

I'm ss(super stoked) to see how this craigslist find turns out!

Tyler's newest toy. Goodbye, dear boyfriend.


This is what a holladay restaurant looks like when you go to dinner at 10:30.

delicious pizza + live music =perfect dining experience.

Not pictured:

1. dinner with a bestie.

2. general conference. watching this feels like getting my personal battery charged for the next 6 months.

3. family dinner (complete with the best spinach dip I've ever made!) and a lot of just dance on the wii.

I love low key weekends like this spent with family and friends.

Have a loooooverly week!

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  1. I need to see you playing Just Dance on the Wii A.S.A.P. My imagination is having too much fun right now.


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