Wednesday, April 6, 2011

adventures in sewing: keeping it clean

for the past week, this is what my room has looked like.

sorry that i had to gross you out.

in leu of gettin' all creative on my day off, i desperately needed to clean. whilst i was, i realized i never posted pictures of my sewing projects for my room. how sad for you!

after i dilligently tidied up, i took some photos for your viewing pleasure.

this duvet cover was my first major sewing project. it took me a million hours and some cusses. but i love it now, and i dare say it was worth it!

i made these shams. i love the color grey, i think it's the supreme nuetral.

next came the curtains. easiest project and i love all the colors.
(the white has yellow swiss polka dots)

obviously i am not a photographer, sorry this is so dark!

up close action for you. i got this cute lamp @ DI and sprinted across the store when i spotted it. i'm in search for a new lampshade...

ok so these next two aren't sewing, but whatever.

where the magic happens. you know, this blog. i hope you like the edward card on my magnet board. t-boss got it for my birthday thinking it would be hilar. FYI i am a jacob fan. so i was pretty offended.

thrifted clothes that need to be altered, inspiration boards, bookshelf holding lots of random stuff. can you tell i need an accessory intervention?

well i guess that was just the grand tour for you. so lucky!

now i can actually relax in my room instead of have an anxiety attack.

hope you are enjoying this blessed sunshine!


  1. I had no idea you were so talented! Amazing! So I need a dress turned into a skirt....can you help me out with that! Haha! No seriously, how do you do it?! I wish I had your talent! That devet cover is breathtaking!


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