Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the gaga

i decided to go to lady gaga with some friends purely for the entertainment factor. i bought her album and listened to it nonstop when it first came out. some of the aspects of her live performances/appearances on TV(meat dress, fake blood) put me off and i just chalked her up to crazy, bizarre, out in left field...

self-gratuitous picture waiting in my car

everyone was going CARAZY! when they could see Gaga

i left pleasantly surprised! this show was one of the best i have ever been too. lady gaga is not crazy, she's crazy-gifted. she was so grateful to her fans and talked so much in between her songs about following your dreams and loving the person that you are. it was actually quite inspiring! not to mention her vocals have the capacity of the likes of Christina Aguilera. lady gaga sang a couple ballads on her piano and i was blown away at her talent. fun fact: i learned that she writes all of her own songs and melodies! pretty rare for a "pop" star.

who does the poker face better?
man hand alert!

there was such a great energy about this concert. i got the biggest chills during the opening of the show, and i couldn't sit down for the entire 2 hours that she played! 13 wardrobe changes, her troupe of dancers, the stage sets. it was a work of art! at the end of it, all of us agreed that she had turned us into huge fans.

telling her monsters AKA fans to put their paws up

Katie, Paige, me & Jacqui

grand finale- bad romance

if you get the chance to see her, don't pass it up!

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