Saturday, April 9, 2011

I guess not everyone is as excited about my boots as I am. The nerve!

My brothers teased me(as they were becoming one with the couch) about my "irrigation boots" and that I could go to Smith & Edwards to get a pair for $20. Better, yet, why don't I just borrow some from my Grandpa! Some people just don't understand FA-FA-FA-FASHION... :)

Yesterday was a blustery day at the ole office and I was donning my boots, feet toasty & dry, safe from the elements. The mail man walks in wearing one of those plastic safari hats. He takes one look at my boots and asks, "Are you wearing those for real?"

"Are you wearing that hat for real?"

...."Good point. See you tomorrow."

Must I go through life defending the beauty of the boots to plastic-safari-hat-wearers and brothers who wear Jordan basketball shorts year round? I contend that I must not.

ACK! As I was pressing publish on this post, safari-hat-mailman walked right in. I almost had a heart attack! Must he defend the beauty of his hat to expensive-rubber-galosh-wearers?

I contend that he must.


  1. Andrea, I have two pairs of Hunter boots. I understand. They're great.

  2. I covet your boots, so I don't think you should have to defend them. I am also seriously envious of your sewing talent.

    PS. I will gladly lend you my copy of "Don't Hassle the Hoff." That is, if you can't find a copy of your own. ha.

  3. i have a pair...they are blue:) Jarom is slightly embarrassed when we go out and I throw them on:) I think he's too scared to say anything...cuz he's never commented. He just says "cool boots". hahaha.


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