Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I'm all ears- florence + the machine

not much I love more than discovering new tunes to be the soundtrack to my life. My favorite is finding indie music that's not 100% mainstream (at least here in the US) and blasting on the radio every 5 minutes ( I swear if I hear another "oh na, na..." by rihanna...)

currently i am listening to florence + the machine. have you heard of them? Uhhh-mazing. It is just the right amount of ... well everything in my opinion. Florence has a powerful, unique voice & with her 7-piece band it is definitely a fresh sound to my ears, and I just can't help but bust a move in my robe during my AM routine.

If you have a few minutes, this is one of my favorite songs so far...

find out more about florence + the machine here.

discovered any new music lately? i'd love to know!

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  1. They are like my favorite band. I thought I Was the only one out there! i so heart them! I love Indie music!
    Glad you are doing so good. i Love reading/stalking :) Your blog!


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