Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend Nightcap

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? I hope you got engaged or pregnant. Because that is the most exciting of news. Why do you think I love "good news minute" every Sunday in a singles ward Relief Society? One time I want to make a completely absurd and ridiculous announcement for GNM. Help me think of ideas.

ahh, I digress. Here are my mostly good news minutes.

  • went to a real estate cocktail party with T-Pain(aka boyf). a realtor asked me if I was Armenian. Really? Do i look anything like Kim Kardashian? No. but carry on & God Bless my good man!
  • lime ricky out of a mason jar & breakfast for dinner.
  • watched District 9 on the telly. I do not like movies about aliens.
  • ate a mediocre overpriced meal @ lone star steakhouse. sad
  • fun movie date @ our favorite murray-holladay theatre. it's never packed, is cheaper & has better concessions.
  • set my alarm on monday-friday setting, & consequently slept through most of church. oops! which consequently meant i had to sit by mr. loud mouth gum chewer. a trial right in church, who'da known?
  • superbowl party with some pals. made better-than-you-know-what mini cupcakes. YUM. hooray for the packers! and the halftime show was entertaining. 'xcept i thought fergie ferg stood w/ her legs way too far apart.

  • painted my nails OPI You Don't Know Jacques. If you don't have this color already, you need it!
Thanks for joining me for my weekend nightcap!
Have the loveliest day.

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