Monday, January 10, 2011

still working on part III of my v'cation, just got a little sidetracked by the weekend and school starting today...

...speaking of school, I walked into my math class (2nd time taking the class mind you, cuss you 1050!), picked up a syllabus and read the instructors name, and I instantly knew I was doomed.

He has the same first AND last name as my ex-husband (whom I only refer to as Rasheed).

It's gonna be a fuuuuunnn semester.


  1. Oh boy. That was me and Calculus, we did not get along, either time. The first was with a Chinese grad student that knew little to no english. The second, was an awesome granola grad student, but I still couldn't hack it. Thus, I did not major in Business.

  2. What are the odds about the name thing??? Ew. Sorry about that one.

    1050...took it in high school because I knew if taken at a university I would fail every time. I passed with a C...FINE BY ME! Good luck!

  3. For a sec I thought you were going to tell me that Rasheed was your teacher... phew. So random. I'm sorry, but I know you will do good this time! Call me and I"ll help ya out if possible!

  4. O gol.. THAT sucks! Good luck girlie! I know you can rock it in spite of the name thing!

  5. Bahahaha - Oh dear!!! Good luck :)

  6. Oh my.....seriously what are the odds?? That is crazy!! Kinda funny though... :)


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