Friday, January 7, 2011

Part II of my holiday shenanigans

Of course I missed my own family. This was my first Christmas away from them, and I was totally fine until Christmas Eve. I never realized all of the 50 traditions we have on that one evening that I look forward to so much! Tried to read a Christmas story at Tyler's in front of his family, and it wasn't pretty. I totally broke down and was laugh/crying/hiding my face/joking all at the same time.. Oy.

It was nice though to have a quiet, low key Christmas, nobody to debate with (my 10 year old sister) on what holiday classic to watch next! So pretty much Tyler suffered through every black & white Christmas movie there ever was.

me & my Christmas eve pj's- all the way from Brigham City!


cozying up to the tree, playing angry birds, & admiring Santa's stockings. Also it looks like the camera got into the wrong hands and blinded Grandma by the flash!

You can tell his family loves to be photographed, right?

Time to exchange our gifts....Remember Denise's "new camera"? Well it was secretly mine the whole time! Tyler really fixed it up & it was glorious. I surprised Tyler with a Nixon watch. Santa filled a stocking for Roxy too & she loved it!


we went to Modesto to visit Tyler's brother Justin & his family. Their son Cole loved me (but come on, who doesn't?)... he was calling me Gaga all night (for no apparent reason) and kept wanting me to hold him. I felt a teeny bit bad because he wouldn't even look at Tyler.
WOW it is hard to get a picture with that child! The one in the middle is how most of the photos turned out...

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas time. It was a warm, cozy day, spending time with Tyler's family, talking to mine, and remembering Jesus's birth and the significance of that in all of our lives. A quiet holiday that I won't forget.

Coming up....
the 3rd & final chapter of our Christmas v'cation!

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  1. Wait I'm confused. Why were you laughing/crying/hiding your face/and joking while reading the story??? I bet his family loves you!


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