Thursday, January 6, 2011

Did you have yourself a merry little christmas? Part I

Hi everyone! I hope you all had the merriest of Christmases. Mine really was superb. I spent the holidays in California with Tyler & his family. I'd never been to his hometown before, and I wasn't disappointed. Imagine a small farming town filled with orchards and palm trees, and you have Patterson. I thought it was pretty heavenly myself..

Once I became acquainted with Patterson (20 minutes later), we thought it best to pay a visit to SAN FRANCISCO. I've been dreaming about this city for years now and couldn't wait to check this off my bucket list!!

San Francisco-DAY 1

this is the first picture taken with Denise's (Tyler's mom) "new camera"
*remember this*

Our first stop was Chinatown, where I had the BEST hot & sour soup of all time. And I usually hate hot & sour!

i took a picture in front of it so you can find it:)

Next, we took a trolley (my first ever! check another one off the list) over to the Embarcadero/Fisherman's Wharf? They mean the same thing to me.

Here we explored:

Ghirardelli Square

had to get some hot cocoa... I wanted to be trendy and get the salted carmel flavor. umm, it's really salty. weird.

After that we spent the rest of our evening on Pier 39, where we watched A Jack Sparrow impersonator, ate the most magnificent donuts made on this planet, shopped at Lefty's, a store made just for me and my "kind" aka all of the ostracized left handed people that have to suffer in a right handed world!!! It's a tragedy really. Here in this store I remembered that I am superior to righty's.

I was searching around for the best seafood on the Wharf, but Wayne (Tyler's dad) was so cold and hungry that we saw Bubba Gump's and went with it. Pretty good!
Our wonderful tour guides
I loved that Tyler ordered a hamburger at a seafood place like a 5 year old. He grew up deep sea fishing and crabbing and he hates seafood!!! I shed a single tear for him.
...yeah, I was totally pretending this crab was pinching me. Sorry PETA!
Also, Tyler documented this wonderful play by play of me eating my crab. There is also a gross video he took focusing in on my mouth devouring my food, and in between bites asking, "Where's my butter?". CLASSY!

Classic Bubba shoe pictures. Please note Tyler's look of joy on his face. Tired much?

Thus concludes part I of my little holiday. Bet you can't guess what's coming up next?

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  1. A. Andrea. I am beside myself with rage. Is that a PEPSI in your hand?
    B. I wish you and Tyler were shooting the camera in the photo labeled "boom". It's a photo shoot, right? Bwaaaaaaaallin!


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