Wednesday, December 15, 2010

always late but worth the wait?

Please note:
1. this was my first attempt at Picasa picture mash up. I think I like it!
2. We meandered up to Millcreek Canyon one Sunday with some pals when the fall weather was PERF(don't forget how awesome October weather was!). I couldn't get over the yellow aspen leaves.
3. Tell me to not ever do such an extreme idiot side part on myself ever again. I look like I'm 5 and obviously can't "rock the look".
4. Don't hate 'cuz I'm late.

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  1. how do you do those picture collages?? I really want to start doing them on my blog

  2. Good job! I love the picture of Tyler with Roxy! I remember the time we tried to give her a bath... :)

  3. hi, we met at friendsgiving. i'm sorry, but i had to stalk your entire blog and read every single thing. i'm jealous of your funniness.


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