Thursday, December 16, 2010

holiday whobey what-y?

Christmas, you sneaky little bugger!
I can't believe it's only a little over a week away!
I've been doing all of the Christmas-y things I can to keep the holiday cheer loud & kickin':
Christmas music only- seriously I feel guilty if I don't listen to it. It's like I'm wasting my precious limited time if I don't have it on! Favorite Holiday tunes are #1: the one and only Bing Crosby, followed by Mariah Carey (don't judge), Christmas station (pandora), MoTab, & the Forgotten Carols. I also just downloaded this little magical business and I"m loving it!
I've been reading a Christmas story every night in my extremely cozy bed(did I mention the ELECTRIC BLANKET?). I kind of feel like a doof pulling out the ole' Christmas storybook, but really, I love it.
I decorated my apartment, hung a wreath and put a blue tinsel tree in my room(this might be staying up year round!). I also took it upon myself to decorate Tyler's tree at his house. This is the second year I've done this, and I have furnished it with ornaments from Savers & JoAnn's. The more to decorate the better!

my little christmas creation

Holiday parties! So fun to spend time with friends and family this time of year. Pals Ali & David threw a party at their home last weekend which included

Gingerbread House Throwdown 2010

I was so excited about it I was googling "gingerbread house winners" to get prepared.
The contestants & our base + supplies. Word to the wise: don't use WF grahams!

Me being extra cheesy showing off my decorating tool box. I do not mess around.

Tyler & I settled on a tie with Ali & David. Mostly because one couple brought a kit for theirs:), and the other's house was completely collapsed within an hour.

The final product
I am proudly displaying this on my mantle AKA entertainment center

Next up on my holiday checklist...
This Friday my family is going to The Best Christmas Pageant Ever in Perry & I can't wait to participate in that. I've always love the plays at Heritage Theatre.

Oh yeah... and gifts!! I am just a smidge into my shopping and I need to wrap it up STAT! As in this weekend. Gotta finish up before I head to California next Tuesday... :)


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  1. Ok first of all, your house is A-MAZING!!! Second of all, why are you going to Cali? Is that where Tyler is from? I don't remember.


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