Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holy butt I can't believe it's been over a month since I last posted? Not because I have nothing to talk about, because let's be honest, I love to talk about myself:) jk but I do love talking.

-what has been going on with me?? Well tons of junk... tests, finals, homework... they are all related in case you are confused.

-Also it was my birthday last Saturday, which I still get giddy about every single year-like jumping up and down 3 weeks before the big day and possibly making up raps that go along with celebrating myself. Everyone celebrated accordingly. Tyler surprised me that morning with a rose, Diet Coke & a card on my doorstep that I saw on my way to work. He was a big fat sweetie and threw me a surprise dinner that night at Blue Plate Diner with some of the people I love most including 2 of my brothers! And not to go all materialistic on yo a', but he bought me an ELECTRIC BLANKET!!! I don't know if you realize how amazing these things are. I sleep at a perfectly warm cozy temperature every night. As opposed to having to stay in a little ball in the middle of my bed. I am so excited to sleep every night! Not really going to help my sleeping in problem though...
On Sunday, we went to B-town and celebrated with the family... cherry cheesecake and decorating the tree with my mom's colossal collection of ornaments. So fun!

-I met T-pain's parents for the first time over Thanksgiving. I was a scurrdy-cat... hello mama's boy!- so I had to impress. Nailed it.

Us at Music and The Spoken Word & my homemade cinnamon rolls(that's how I nailed it) YUM!

Just a couple things to get you through the day. I know it's been hard without me.

Maybe this picture will take you through to Wednesday...

I discovered Tyler's mustache from Halloween fused to the bottom of my purse... I discovered it after I shut my purse in the car door... who knows how long it had been there?!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Andrea, I'm happy you finally posted something! Your new snow gear looks great too from the previous post. I wish I could join you!! And the purse thing is hilarious. I love you!

  2. The mustache made me laugh.out.loud. :)

  3. Andrea you make me laugh so hard! Love the mustache! And you just barely met Tyler's parents? It's about time!!


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