Monday, October 11, 2010

Registration? I don't think so.

Who needs registration when you can go 7 months without it, get pulled over and talk your way out of a ticket(sometimes it pays to blame divorce)? I waited 3 months after that to get my sticker, and it was such a relief to not be driving a car at the risk of being impounded if I got pulled over again. I stopped looking over my shoulder and exiting the freeway if I saw Highway Patrol for 2 whole months!

Alas, we are back at square one, and my car has yet to be registered-it expired 09.30. Wonder how long I can go this time?


  1. HA! I love the good challenge you have set up for yourself. I recommend not going more than 6 months, I heard that is when the impounding begins..

  2. LOL! We are so alike! Mine was due in May and I just did it last week! I never got pulled over, luckily... ;)


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