Thursday, October 7, 2010

funny thoughts

Not that I'm the best person to be doling out life advice to everyone, but if there's one thing that's helped me keep my chin up during some not-so-easy times, it's having a fall-back funny thought. No matter what, it will always make me smile.

I have a couple:

1-I remember the time I got stuck in a folding chair(I was like 7, give me a break), and was rolling around the family room floor downstairs trying to get out of it. I was screaming and crying for my mom to come rescue me! I heard her fly down the stairs and enter the family room, only to collapse on the couch in a hysterical fit of laughter! She barely had enough strength to get me out of the thing, but once she did I know that I gave her the silent treatment for at least 15 minutes.

2- (please don't delete me as a friend for this) When I was 9 I imagined about how hilarious it would be for a big giant horse to have a human-sized bum, just like a little jutted out bum. yes, I still think that's funny. and no, I can't explain it.

Please tell me the things that can always put a smile on your face. I would love it.


  1. Ha Ha Ha! I remember when you reinacted the chair thing for me! How funny. Good Times!

  2. hahah that's hilarious. :) that poor horse human butted thing. think of the difficult life it would lead if it really existed.


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