Thursday, September 23, 2010

Highlight Reel #3

August (August)

Camped with friends in Provo Canyon

Ratha was on fire duty
things got a little sticky! Mallow count for me: 8
Roxy snuck some of my marshmallow while I wasn't looking!

The Jettie's pup Maverick. Mav for short. Or Rick.

The little family...with another on the way!
I'm pretty sure we were discussing why Tyler likes to put things on his teeth before pictures.
Such a beautiful view from Squaw Peak!
We also hiked around Bridal Veil Falls, before getting kicked out of Sundance for riding bikes "illegally". So fun!

Went to a Bees Game

"I love pictures"
Jake & Emily were our mates at the game
I decided to conquer the biggest Collosimo hot dog in the WORLD!!
It's ok if you have to throw up when you see this picture.

Camped at the LOUDEST campground in Logan Canyon(Guinavah)


Took turns on the hammock. Will everyone please note the proportion of my hand to my body in the above photo? Creepster.

Spent a day at Bear Lake

(Tyler got a new bikini!)

Hid in the trees(duh, camo shorts!)

Hiked to White Pine Lake with friends

Meg & Adam(to be wed next summer!!)
It is so hard to take a picture whilst facing the sun. Who knew?

Wore T's made by my brother's company PRETTY NEW.

Celebrated my FABULOUS friend Heidi's birthday in Park City. SO FUN!

(Thanks for letting me steal these pictures from your blog girl! xo)

Welcomed home brother KENNY from his Vancouver Canada Mission!!!
(which also means the first full family reunion in FOUR years!)

Brian & Taylor anxiously await.

I made the following 3 signs... when they're only a dollar it's hard not to make less than 3!
Grandpa Jardine & Aly
Nate being awesome
I might have been a little too proud of this one. I also may have been directing those holding signs to stand in SPECIFIC positions.

Sorry for the fuzziness(i accidentally crushed my camera one time), but this video makes me so excited still!

gosh, it is seriously the BEST feeling to have all of your family together! I am so happy he's home and that we've been able to hang out! also that he wasn't (that) weird. It felt just like old times with the Jardine kids. :)



  1. Ok, this may be totally creepy to you that I'm commenting on your blog...or that I even look at your blog for that matter! So, I am so sorry if you are at all weirded out by this.
    I just had to say that I love reading your blog. You just seem so happy and content and the little that I know about you, I know you deserve to have fun and enjoy yourself and it looks like you are doing just that! And you're really funny too! Anyway, just had to say that.
    P.S. Has anyone ever told you that your boy looks like Jimmy Fallon? You two are cute together. Ok, I'm done with the awkward moment that is this comment!

  2. Ok so my eyes may have watered up a little when I watched the video of your brother coming home, and I don't even know him!! I guess it just brings back some exciting feelings! That or I'm just super overly emotional!! And I literally laughed out loud when I saw your comment under the picture about your hand. Ha ha ha you crack me up!! Oh and I LOVE Tyler's bikini! HOT!

  3. K, peeing my pants again on Highlight reel #3!!! Your "facing the sun picture" epic - such an Andrea face! LOVE the pic of you and Ty laying out @ Bear lake, you guys are HOTT :) I may have teared up a bit watching your video, nothing like seeing your bro come down that escalator after two years of serving.. AMAZING! Love you love you - you darling girl!

    P.S. your Canadian flag sign was PERF!! You should be proud.

  4. You're blog is so cute! Of course we're blog friends, now that I know you have one. And we definately need to hang out. I think its been a month since we've seen you guys and we miss you SO!

  5. What a darling blog! What a darling couple.... It looks like you guys have so much fun obviously. I wouldn't trade my cute babies for anything in this world, but sometimes I do miss those days of just the hubby and I... so carefree and fun:) Live it up and enjoy it! haha

  6. Andrea! You have no idea how your comment made my day!:) YOU are seriously beautiful; and I'm loving this blog! That hot dog looks (and sounds) perfect right about now. P.S. I would give portions of my left arm to be able to visit Bear Lake. Enjoy it for ME!!! xoxo:)

  7. This looks like such a blast!!!


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