Tuesday, September 14, 2010

These are the most recent photos I've added to my folder titled "delovely", and I see that there is a common theme between them all... can you guess?

Aren't all of these gorgeous?

Yay!!! I know how much you love guessing games, so I'll just come out and tell you. The common theme(to me) is that they are all very light, airy, and remind me of the magic that the summer air brings with it. Seriously can't you feel the August breeze? Or am I just a nut? Don't answer that.
I really hope you all have had the BEST summer of your lives!
Getting excited for fall....getting there.

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  1. LOVE these!!! Totally stole that top pic for my own folder :) About your schedule dilemma?! Going to have to agree with "Celeste!" She is a smart girl ;) XOXO


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