Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Highlight Reel #2


Tyler sanded his deck and "sun lounge" while I looked on.

I finished my major(for me) sewing project

Emerald Court Pool Party! Definitely the highlight. The emcee was double booked, so... I accepted the challenge to do it myself! Yup. nailed it.

the prize table

me with the maintenance crew

so, we grease up a watermelon, throw it in the pool, residents jump in, whoever gets the melon out wins a PRIZE!
me, Linds & Alli.. LOVE these ladies I work with!

Susan-my FAVE!

Took our English friend Jacqui to her first Rodeo-and first time to Ogden:)

Jacqui & Ryan

an unfortunate mini hussy. Seriously she is a baby! I couldn't fight my "WHERE IS YOUR MOTHER" rude look. it was too hard.

Surprise birthday party for Ratha-Paintballing (for the record I was the only female to play. It turned out to be really fun but hurt like the dickens!! I may have uttered a few choice words...)

it's cool to pose with your weapons!
Tyler, Ratha & fellow celebratorian
can you see that welt on my back? How about the TWO white marks right on the crack of my pants? ...yep, definitely was on the crack.

...i guess since I didn't take any pictures of the 4th of July, it didn't really exist.


  1. What is that that you sewed? It looks pretty complicated! I'm not even sure I remember how to sew a button back onto a shirt! Yeah, I should probably get to work in that area. And you are SO BRAVE for going paintballing! I've never dared after seeing the many welts all over people's bodies. Also, where is the garden of yours? Your aunt Kathryn told me at enrichment (she's in my parents ward, and now in mine since we just moved back in with the parents) that Tyler came to a family reunion! According to her, the fam loves him! Hooray!

  2. You kill me! Seriously - you are probably my most funny, darling, down to earth friend :) and for the record - I am with you on July never happening.. Great month to erase! LOL

    P.S. You look sassy in all your pics
    P.P.S. Susan rocks!

  3. Also, will you go get one of those yummy pastries with me SOON?!!!! PLEASE.


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