Friday, June 25, 2010

ok seriously 2010, stop going so fast!

I cannot keep up with this year. And I don't even have kids to blame on the lack of keeping up... haha, just kidding...put your fists down, all you mom's out there(I think there are 2 that read this blog-and I am related to both of them).

Ok so back in April, two months ago, the Ty-ster(new nickname possiblity?) and I traveled down to San Diego for Matt & Emily's wedding. Talk about a road trip too! Tyler had just started a new job, meaning no vacation time. So we left on Thursday night and were back in SLC by Sunday! Phew. But it was really fun, and we're still dating so apparently we can handle being in a car for 11 hours straight with each other:).

we stopped at Peggy Sue's somewhere in California... apparently everyone worth knowing has eaten there. Like Whoopi Goldberg! :)

Anywho(I love saying that because it's super annoying), the wedding and all of the festivities were amazing! I was so excited to go inside the San Diego Temple, NOT so excited when I found out half of it was covered in scaffolding. I almost threw a temper tantrum, and I wasn't even the bride! Fortunately, the scaffolding didn't take anything away from the beautiful wedding ceremony, and they still came out a wed couple!

The Happy Couple. And I mean HAPPY. Hooray!

yes, I DID ask a 4 year-old to take our picture in front of the temple. Thanks for asking!

now, with our heads intact.

After we sent the new couple off, we were conveniently right on the beach and decided to do a little exploring on the San Diego shores.

running away from the waves(legit picture folks!)

enjoying the sun on our feet(especially with SNOW still in UT)...

and on our faces too.

We ended our stroll to watch the sunset.

So beautiful and calming.

there we are, being really romantic.

We shared a long beautiful kiss and sweet, soft words... OH WAIT... no we didn't! Instead, a pelican pooped all over us!

haha!! It was really funny.

Since we were on the coast, I decided to splurge and get me some King Crab legs. YUMMY!

I'm sorry that I cannot control my facial expressions when I am about to eat King Crab Legs.

It was a fabulous weekend. One that needed to be just a little bit longer(as usual).

Congratulations Emily & Matt!

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