Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It used to be March.


Tyler's childhood friend Joey & his wife Cambi came to Utah from their home in AZ to snowboard and celebrate their anniversary. We helped them celebrate appropriately by eating yummy thai food at Sawadee and bowling.

the happy couple!
is that the face of a model or of someone with indigestion? there is no way of knowing.

it's that beautiful form that gives him the high scores.

the ball did not roll in his favor.
not sure why i have to smile so hard my face is going to fall off.

I'm always sad when Tyler's friends visit because we really like them and have so much fun. Then they leave. 'Tis not fair.

Jazz game!

Tyler scored some free tickets from a friend to the Jazz v. Golden State Warriors game. How can you say no to free tickets? Even if it is the Golden State Warriors?

It was an educational game.I learned what an "and-1" is. Mostly because I shouted "AND-1!!!" at an apparent inappropriate time. For those of you who are not savvy to the b-ball lingo an "and-1" is when you get fouled when you make a basket, so you get to shoot 1 more. wow! Isn't it great? I thought an and-1 was a layup. Go figguh.
I didn't do great at getting Tyler's face in the shot but successfully included the boy above me.

ahh...much better!


  1. FUN! You look ABSOLUTELY gorge in those bottom picc - Really, model or something already!


  2. you're adorable!!! and ps: the thing about the mountains hugging you makes perfect sense!


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