Monday, June 14, 2010

The place with the red sand

It was spring break for my St. George family in March, and so we had a little family reunion of sorts in Moab. It was such a blast-just wish it wouldn't have SNOWED the second night we were there. yeah. cold. just imagine 20 people stuffed into a trailer, most had not bathed for 2 days. the smell was amazing. Truly it was.... ANYway... like I said, it was such a great time, and I can't wait to go again! Thanks to Uncle Mark and all of my family for orchestrating the event and making sure we had the time of our lives(as usual)!

I feel ridiculously proud of this photograph.

My cousin Melanie(the real deal-hardcore motorcycle rider) and me(such a poser in the boots, but I was loving it!!!)

it is so sad when Roxy cannot come with us no matter where we go.
gosh so much effort goes into getting all of this together!

Betsy loves being in the photos.

I just love this dirty little scoundrel! but that is a post of its own.

but alas, we did not come out unscathed I suppose....

anonymous cousin(Jack?) & Taylor

there is always time to pose with your sweet muddy quad!

either Tyler is making fun of me or he felt left out...I prefer to think the latter.

I am pretty much always trying to take pictures of this girl. Can you blame me?

Such a fun trip, I can't wait to go again(hint, hint)!

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  1. So fun! Driving out on Sunday was the best...where are the pics of that??? I think that's Royal with Taylor by the way.


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