Wednesday, June 27, 2012

weekend up north

// My grandparents' home in Providence - just got put on the National Register of Historic Places! It's also on the Andrea Register of Favorite Places //

// Their fire pit //

// Grandpa's shop, where he spends his time being "retired" //

// my thrifting loot. The jadeite plates = my happiness //

I don't have to work on Fridays during the summer... ahh. While I could get into all the reasons I love this, the biggest is that I basically get a double Saturday to do whatever the heck I want. 

Last Friday was spent in Brigham City & Logan. Everytime I go up there I always feel the need to do everything. This time it was baking (for the shower), impromptu yard sale-ing, eating at the brand new Taco Time (the old one burned down last year - you need to understand the BC Taco Time is the best Taco Time in all the land), helping my mom redo her master bedroom, and visiting my grandparents in Providence (Logan). Oh and we also went to the swimming pool.  It was such a fun day spent in two of my favorite places. Sometimes I want to move to Logan, then I remember there is no Nordstrom. 


  1. Ya...don't move to Logan. It's pretty claustrophobic ha ha!

    And people really don't understand it, but BC Taco Time is THE BEST. EVER.


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