Monday, June 18, 2012

for the bride to bee

 Well here they are, photos from the shower, severely narrowed down. It was so much fun to plan. Catherine was the true mastermind & came up with a honey theme early on, & it just snowballed from there. We ended up using both levels of the house; basement for food, and upstairs for gifts..

The invites, designed by the talented Becca... 

The set-up downstairs
- (don't judge too harshly, lighting in our basement is not the best + I am not a good photographer) - 

I cut out the hexagons & Cat put them together to make honeycomb (idea here). 
I also made tassel garlands for the tables. 

"8 hour cake" as I lovingly refer to the below creation. 7 layers! I wish you could have seen me frosting this at 2 am. Then you might appreciate why I didn't want to cut into it at all. I loved & hated making this. I'm ready for round two just to see if I can perfect the rosette. 

Summer cucumber bites & honey-glazed bacon wrapped chicken bites (so good & easy!).

 Amy made macaroons & they were to die for.

Cat's Cucumber Mint Water & Citrus Soda

I also made a mini fruit pizza bar & honey caramel dip, but I guessed I missed photos of those. You best try that honey caramel dip, it is delectable. 

After everyone was done eating we moved the party upstairs...

Cat set up the cutest table for everyone to make their own honey lip scrub. 
She also did all the labels for everything. Her handwriting is known to be the best in the land.

We had Amy pick out her favorite pictures from their seven years together & we made a timeline of sorts.


For the favors everyone took home their lip scrub they made, a sample of chanel perfume (Amy sprayed her letters to Danny with it when he was on his mission) & a honey oat mask.

The gorgeous bride to bee 

some party guests...

Hostess Catherine, Amy & me 

Wow, that was a lot. Anybody still with me?
 Like I said it was a blast to plan and celebrate Amy & Danny's impending nuptials.

Happy wedding season Amy!!


  1. Super cute! I am throwing a shower for my best friend and this is definitely inspiring!

  2. Srsly so cute, you and Kat are amazing!! Love everything about it.

  3. What a cute idea! I love everything--the invite, the decorations, that cake (which is amazing!!! kudos to you!), and the favors! So creative!

  4. Amazing! You guys did so good! It all looks awesome. Pretty bride too!

  5. okay, this is way too perfect! loving the theme :)
    xo TJ

  6. oh my gorgeousness! This is amazing! Love all of the details:-) xoxo

  7. Oh wow! Love the theme! Great job! Everything looks beautiful!

    Treena Bean Giveaway!

  8. Wow this is just so lovely. I love a good party and this one looked like so much fun! So in love with those invites too, very original, don't think I've seen the honey theme applied to a wedding before. Started following you, keep in touch.


  9. What a great shower; gorgeous decorations. I can't believe you frosted that cake yourself! Where did you get the adorable beverage containers?

    1. thanks! The containers are from Tai Pan Trading here in UT :)

  10. Cutest part-ay ever! And that house is adorable! Please plan a shower of some sort for me... Mmmm-k??!!!!

  11. this is definitely one of the cutest wedding showers i have ever seen! love those little hexagons!

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