Tuesday, June 19, 2012

father's day

my dad & his girls

out on a Sunday walk with my family

Went up to Brigham to hang out with my dad. Man I love him. He is one of the...

SMARTEST - he is a legitimate rocket scientist. He does math for fun. 
HARDEST WORKING - He built his family a house. 
MOST PATIENT - Never heard him cuss at us (where did I get my bad habit from) & it was a RARE occasion that he raised his voice at us crazy kids. 

...people I know.

I really lucked out in the dad department. 

And that is as emotional as I like to get. 


  1. My dad also does math for fun! I can't even handle doing it for college, I wish I would have gotten that from him.

  2. Haha, seriously, what is it with dad's naturally being so naturally smart?! It's like there's some kind of dad school where they go and just learn all of these awesome things.

  3. i think this is such a sweet tribute to your dad! i love how most girls just adore their dads. so cute!


    wardrobe girls


  4. LOVE these images! your hair is lovely.



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