Wednesday, May 30, 2012


When I was in St. George last weekend, I learned that not only was there a solar eclipse that Sunday, but also Zion's National Park was one of the best places on Earth to see that particular eclipse. One of my uncle's employees has some property just outside of Zion's and threw a huge party!! I love when people throw parties for unusual events. I mean it's probably in my top tier of favorite things. 

The story of the full eclipse 
( I took these by holding the lens of the special glasses over the lens on my camera.)

I'm so glad that we delayed our commute home by staying to watch this! It was so awesome, I felt like I was in a weird sci-fi movie. Especially when the moon was completely covering the Sun, it was casting crazy moonbeam shadows on everything, and it seemed like somebody put a dimmer switch on the sun.

I love the space things because it makes Earth feel real, not just a place where people are running around thinking they own the place.  It also reminded me that I'm small, but also a part of something really big. How's that for a thought? I don't know if it makes sense, so.. yeah.

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  1. That ring of fire pic is unreal! Nice capture. Way to randomly hit up the solar eclipse, haha :)


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