Thursday, April 5, 2012


// baby's first photo//

// actually waiting for Tyler to pick me up (instead of him waiting for me) to go to Brigham!

Saturday I got an early wake-up text. Tyler found me the perfect bike on KSL, & we had to get, like NOW!
 It's a circa 1974 Schwinn, and in practically mint condition! The seller's parents had it in their motor home for 30 years, hardly ever ridden. 
And it was a steal for only $60! 

We were heading up to Brigham to spend the weekend with my family. I was not about to leave my new baby behind. Besides, can you even think of a better place for an inaugural ride?

We rode our bikes all over & I wanted to be annoying like the country song " This is my town!" But you will get your eyes poked out if you ever sing it, it's bad. I loved to be a tour guide though and point out everything like banks, and the one bar.

We had to make a stop at Idle Isle of course... I love that place!

// the bikes just being cute //

Saturday had the most beautiful weather, I was actually warm! We took a lot of photos, and I strongly suggested that Tyler take some of me riding around all natural-like. When we got back to my parents house he said "I feel like a blogger".  
Who cares because I have a buttload of pictures of me on my new ride.

I am going to take Tyler on field trips to the Brigham. We usually go up on Sundays so he hasn't seen much. We still need to eat at Call's, Maddox, hike to the waterfall (and sneak a peek @ my old house), go to the movie theatre... he needs to have all of the experiences!


  1. That looks so fun! How cool is your bike?! I love it!

  2. Awww...this post made me happy! I heart Brigham.

  3. Love the bike. Hey, that bike was old the day you were born. You'll make it feel young again so it will have to love you back! Sweet. : )

  4. Love the bikes, and I say next date night lets do calls or Maddox and then a movie!!


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