Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tuscan Bean Soup

One of my goals this year is try 52 new recipes. This is the first!

I'm a pretty new reader of Pioneer Woman's blog, and I've been obsessed ever since my discovery. I have tried a bunch of her recipes and they are all relatively simple to make, always turn out, & are DELICIOUS. Not like, "hmm, is this how it's supposed to taste?" 

Sunday I tried her tuscan bean soup. I used spicy italian sausage instead of shrimp, and it was quite heavenly. BONUS: I got to use my new dutch oven I got for Christmas. Thanks mom!

I ate it with a fresh loaf of bread. Did I tell you that another goal is to make bread every week? Do a lot of my goals revolve around food? 

Click on the picture for the recipe, it's a perfect winter soup!

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